The Matter of Scope Scope

So lately, a friend of mine from game classes has been asking me to help him with merit badges and sidejobs in PAYDAY. Thus far, these have mostly been of the “suits only, no skills, these specific weapons that I don’t normally use” variety. So I have been buying a lot of fresh guns and then having to mod them with the quickness.

And a thing I have noticed is that for most mods, there are only two to six options.

Except in the case of scopes.

When I get to the scope tab, I get overwhelmed with the options. My eyes gloss over. My brain cannot process the comparison of that many separate choices, so I just pick one that looks like it has high magnification and hope for the best.

And this got me to wondering, does my game need three pages of scope options?

My immediate gut reaction was a resounding “fuck no”. I reminded myself though that most players are probably not like me. They probably have looked at the weapon store and mod menu in the last six months. They probably do have more than three guns they use. Maybe there was a reason that I was just not seeing that explained Overkill’s inordinate hard-on for scopes. So I asked my friend Logan for his thoughts on this.

Logan is the other end of the spectrum. Whereas I found long ago that all I needed in life was the Bronco and the .50/R93 depending on the situation, Logan has purchased every single weapon slot the game affords him and he has a weapon in every single one of them. He’s a firearm enthusiast in real life, and I want to say he’s in the NRA too, but he may just be in favor of them. tl;dr, he knows his shit re: guns and gun accoutrements and his school of thought re: buying shit in clown town is different enough from mine that I know I’d get some good insight.

What he told me was that, yes, you do want to have more than one scope option because everyone has different shit that they like. He also said however that the vast majority of the scopes were ginerbread and that by his guess, most players probably just stuck with the one from the Gage Pack. He felt that four scope options was probably enough to satisfy most players. He then gave me recommendations for six of PAYDAY‘s scopes I might wish to emulate.

While I think there are definitely players out there who enjoy comparing the pros and cons of twenty different scopes and picking exactly the perfect one, most of us I’d guess get paralyzed by having too many choices to sort through.

Especially if we are just trying to mod this damn gun as best it’ll do, just so we can do “Firestarter” with our dicks hanging out anyway.

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