Will it be available on consoles?

Probably not. I don’t want to say “no” outright, but I also don’t want to get your hopes up. There’s a lot more bullshit you have to go through to get a game on X-Box or PlayStation than there is to get one on Steam. Additionally, I don’t know what the realities of porting the game are going to look like, and I would rather not release a console version at all then release a substandard experience.

Will there be a versus mode?

I know this is funny to say, considering I’m basically stealing PAYDAY 2‘s concept, but I don’t want to add a versus mode because there’s already a game, Vice and Virtue: Bank Heist, whose entire point is that and I don’t wanna cut in on their action. I may reconsider though if they don’t get their shit together and actually get on Steam. They’ve been dickin’ around in Greenlight for years.

How can I help?

The most valuable thing you can do to help The Take! is to participate in the communities. Hang out on the forum and in the Discord server, create and reblog posts about it on tumblr, reddit, etc. Tell your friends about it. As a multi-player game, a strong community presence is going to be crucial to the game’s success.

I’m an artist/musician/writer, etc. Can I volunteer my talents?

I’m not really looking for that kind of help right now. I want to do this as ethically as possible and to that end, I like to compensate people who contribute to this project with actual money. Funding that takes time. That and it really just sucks to have to tell people no.

When the time comes and I need to get more people in on this, I’ll be approaching people who I am already aware of and think would gel well with the game’s concept. Participating in The Take!‘s community is the best way to make me aware of you.

Will there be character customization?

It’s not an immediate goal of mine. I feel every character has a Look and its important to maintain their own taste and style in their appearance. If I ever do cosmetics, they will be character-specific items or outfits.

Moreover, I’ve seen the way some of you dress in Grand Theft Auto Online.

What’s your favorite heist movie?

Sugar & Spice. Yes, really.