Jumping Ship

“Man, used to be, if a driver didn’ show up to a Syndicate job,” Dixie said, “they’d track his ass down’n break his legs for us.”

“Seriously,” Cleo agreed. “What are we even paying them for anymore? We shouldn’t have to pull this fucking night-at-the-improv shit.”

The job was technically successful, but it had been a logistical disaster. The driver assigned to their crew had never shown. They had tried to hold out, and their lookout had been shot and killed in the street. Once the two of them realized they were on their own, they’d had to improvise. They fought their way to the parking lot of the bank, a pitiful two bags of cash between them. Dixie held off the cops while Cleo hot-wired a car, and they made a sloppy escape. Not being getaway drivers themselves, and therefore not having a git prepared, it was a miracle they managed to lose the cops. They’d made a lot of handbrake U-turns and finally stashed themselves in an alleyway while the cops flew by.

“We need to get out of this car. It’s hot as hell now,” Cleo said, getting out. She pulled her nitrile gloves off and stuffed them on her pants pocket. She then began peeling her regulation domino mask off, the eyelash glue holding it on tugging at her skin and leaving little rubber cement-like blobs in the mask’s wake. Dixie yanked the bags of cash out of the backseat, tossed them out, and then followed her example.

“Lose the jackets too,” Cleo said, shrugging out of hers. “The less Syndicate we look, the better.”

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Mods and Competitive Play

So my boyfriend asked me if I was going to have tournaments for The Take!. Or rather, what he asked – facetiously, just to tease me – was if I planned to include jetpacks in my game. To which I replied that I did not, but that I also had no intention of preventing others from modding jetpacks in if they so desired. I’m not sure yet to what level end users will be able to modify the game, but I’m hoping the answer ends up being “a lot”. This then led to the question of whether mods of that nature would create issues of fairness when it came to things like comp play and dick-waving metrics.

The competitive play and dick-waving metrics that will largely not exist in my game.

I mean, let’s even disregard the laughable idea of tournaments for a purely co-op game for the moment. I mean, judging skill solely on speed in a custom map with no RNG? Fkn yawn.

No, the thing about a game like PAYDAY, or more aptly Left 4 Dead, is that it’s not about beating other players or being statistically better. It’s about working together. All these hardcore player metrics not only distract from the point, but also complicate the backend maintenance that needs to be done to combat “cheaters”. I have better shit to do with my time than trying to futilely prevent people from spawning as many bags as they want.

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The Carrot on the Stick

For the most part, I don’t want to tell you about things I want to do. I prefer to tell you about things I’ve already done. It’s okay, safe even, to get excited about things that I have proven able to implement. It’s when one starts talking about what they want to do before they’re anywhere near having done it that we get into hype territory.

Nonetheless a recent conversation I had with my friend Logan – who you might recall from this post – brought up some interesting points, not least of all that my changelogs are not the most compelling or decipherable content in the world. I could probably do to talk a little more about what I’m doing.

So I’m going to tell you about what I don’t plan to do.

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Vocal Minority, Indeed

Many years ago, my friend Logan and I were active members on the Hitmanforum, a community for fans of the Hitman game franchise. Around the time Grand Theft Auto IV came out, there was another user on there, Heliophobic, who spent much of his time shitting up the thread about the game with his titbag opinions. It would have been one thing to just be disappointed by the game, but his general attitude of dissatisfaction with what GTA IV was and his entitlement with regard to what he felt it should have been was of particular annoyance to Logan. So much so that Logan actually learned how to program in Flash in order to make a game just for Helio.

Entitled Your Game, it went like this. You click “Play” and it cuts to a white screen where Logan explains in soothing, even tones that this is your game and its complete design is catered exactly to your desires and is limited only by your imagination. He goes on to say that if you don’t like how this game turns out, you have no one to blame but yourself. It then fades to white text on a black background with the credits and a dedication to “Heliofag and all the fickle, whiny cunts like him who inspired me to make this.”

Moral of the story being, you ever get so annoyed with something that you go out of your way to learn a bunch of new skills just to make a point?

That’s what The Take! will be. Well, except with actual gameplay and graphics.

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