This Is What I Know About Music

I am not a musician presently.

When I was in middle school, I was given a choice. Students at the school I attended in sixth grade could either devote their entire year’s worth of elective class blocks to band or they could instead take physical education, computer science, and health class. Yeah, it was weird. Anyway, the band teacher was not a nice person and my parents didn’t seem keen on spending $300 on an instrument so I chose to have more variety in my schedule. The next year, this school was shut down for remodelling and I was sent to another middle school with far more choices. So many choices in fact that band didn’t have a shot in hell at making my schedule. High school had even more elective options, few of them requiring the financial investment of band or orchestra, so I chose otherwise.

Basically, I had a very diverse and well-rounded education, but it didn’t include learning to read or compose music.

Music, however, is going to be something I need to know something about, even if I end up hiring someone else to do it.

So I started teaching myself to play the recorder. Recorders are cheap as hell, and if elementary school children can learn to play them then so can I. Fortunately, I also have Simon, who plays trumpet, to help me out with whatever instruction doesn’t make sense from the book alone. I’ve also been playing with a few different digital tools to help bridge the gap in my knowledge. I haven’t done anything yet but get acquainted with these programs, but I’ve been using Stagelight to put together little repeater tracks and ScoreCloud, which records sounds and then outputs notation, so I can hum little ditties into it and then play these little notes on the keyboard in Stagelight.

So I’ve been laying some groundwork for music, even though that part’s still a long way off.

But actually? Music may not be as crucial an element as I originally thought.

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