Get the Fuck Up!: How RNG Creates Compelling Human Drama

So I plan to have skillset building in my game, and one of the skills I intend to steal borrow from PAYDAY is Inspire. But not as it is today. No, I want Inspire the way it used to be.

Aced Inspire in its original form allowed for a 75% chance an incapped teammate would immediately get back up if you yelled at them. I forget what update, but it was later changed to its present terms, where you can yell at a teammate and, provided you are not currently in the 20 second cooldown that disables the skill after use, they will always get up.

I hypothesize that part of the reason for this change, aside from 75% being pretty good odds for a skill this powerful, is that Overkill tends to simplify any advice or criticism they get and their use of the Random Number Generator is a subject upon which they receive a lot (and rightly so). So removing the RNG element from an apparently overpowered skill seemed like a good idea.

Here is why it’s not.

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