Blueprints: Preferred Character Selection

So I spent all of yesterday putting preferred character selection together and I’m real proud of it ’cause I had to come up with all this logic myself so let me show you it.

If you follow the official Unreal Multiplayer tutorial, you end up with situation where you spawn into the lobby as an invisible base character. This character has all the functionality of the playable characters. In fact, all those characters are child blueprints of this character, but obviously they have visible models. Anyway, you spawn in as this invisible character, but your Ready button is disabled until you switch to an actual character through the character menu.

Now, I like being able to switch characters in the lobby and I’m leaving that functionality in. I think even with preferred selection, sometimes even established crews would use it to try out new characters. Moreover, sometimes when you’re playing with randoms, it’s nice to just be able to negotiate for characters. Plus, it minimizes having to wait for Certain People leaving and rejoining to get the character they want if their three preferred ones are taken.

Nonetheless, I think people generally do prefer to just spawn in as the character they want instead of having to fight for it so preferred characters was a feature I wanted.

I made it happen and here’s how you can too.

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