Weapons!: Part 2

Actually, though, now that I think about it, I am missing one weapon behavior prototype: the flamethrower. From what I’ve seen of the TF2 Pyro’s flamethrower mechanics, you attach hitboxes to the particle emitters. This behavior could be used for things like mace or that deadly tear gas that PAYDAY 2 likes to throw in your hostage coral sometimes.

Anyway, the thing about the flamethrower is, I wasn’t originally planning to include one. One thing that I don’t like about weapons in PAYDAY 2 is how outlandish they’ve become. Like, honestly? Who’se going to take a fkn flamethrower to a bank robbery? You might burn all the money. Or half the melee weapons. A microphone as a melee weapon? I mean, that’s funny, sure, but it’s permanent, you know?

And for while, I thought this also extended to the grenade and rocket launcher as well. But I’ve decided that I would rather let you have those weapons than not.

First of all, these weapons are incredibly situational. Which means that investing in them, especially at the very first and over more practical weapons, means that a player would have to live with that decision until they either give up and sell the weapon at a loss and buy something cheaper or until they make enough money to buy something else while keeping their silly-ass choice.

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, Logan and I were developing a Left 4 Dead 2 survival map. The premise of this map was that the survivors’ helicopter would crash land on the roof of an honest-to-god discotheque (that was heavily based on the Roman Disco level in The Warriors) where there had been a Masque of the Red Death-type disco party with a Masque of the Red Death conclusion. You were supposed to drop down into the building, but the doors were welded shut to keep out the sick so you would then be unable to get back out. So you’d turn on the disco music, which would be meant to attract other survivors to rescue you but would only attract zombies. Then you’d fight until you died, as survival maps go. We’d use copyrighted disco songs because haha, and the waves would last as long as the songs. We also planned to only spawn Walking Witches, Spitters, and female Boomers during “Ladies Night”. The title of the map would “The Last Dance” like the Donna Summer song. Yeah, it was all very copyright infringe-y but it was for our own personal enjoyment, not public consumption. Anyway, we had this shit planned out, but there were problems making the nav meshes work correctly for the bots. Hammer is a fickle beast.

Logan was in charge of putting this map together, which he did. And he came to me in the process of this and asked me, “Hey, do you want me to put up an invisible wall so the players don’t fall or jump off the roof?”

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Weapons!: Part 1

So let’s talk about weapons. I’m about to start coding up my basic weapon classes, so I thought you might like to know a little about what makes them all different. I mean, that probably seems obvious, but I’d never really thought about it before now so why not.

Here’s how the setup works: I have two “base” weapon blueprints; one for the third person weapons and one for first. Both of these blueprints are simple. They have no meshes (physical bodies), and only a few variables that all weapons will need in order for the inventory system to use them. These blueprints also control the base visibility options, since I need third-person weapons to always be visible to other players, but to disappear for the player when they are in first-person mode. Similarly, I need the first-person weapons to be hidden from everyone else, including the player, unless they are in first-person mode.

From there, I have seven weapons: pistol, shotgun, assault rifle, sniper rifle, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, and knife. All other weapons are going to be a derivative of one of these.

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The Matter of Scope Scope

So lately, a friend of mine from game classes has been asking me to help him with merit badges and sidejobs in PAYDAY. Thus far, these have mostly been of the “suits only, no skills, these specific weapons that I don’t normally use” variety. So I have been buying a lot of fresh guns and then having to mod them with the quickness.

And a thing I have noticed is that for most mods, there are only two to six options.

Except in the case of scopes.

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