Don’t Panic! I Haven’t Given Up on The Take! Or Anything

In fact, I broke my entire website trying to improve the experience of it.

You may recall that I installed MediaWiki software a million years ago so that when the time came to look stuff up on The Take! Wiki, you wouldn’t have to deal with Wikia’s bullshit. All fine and well, but then I decided that I wanted you to also have the option of choosing between a predominately dark theme and a light one. I felt it was important for you to have that option in an area of the site that would involve so much reading.

But changing the colors on a wiki is not as simple as merely editing the CSS. MediaWikis use “skins”, which include a lot of other stuff in the mix and they are hard to build. While I don’t consider myself a web developer per se, I think I am a pretty talented script kiddie, but this shit was complex, yo. One of those thing where you correct all the references and it still doesn’t work.

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