Special Units

CaptainDreadEye has his own heist crew narrative going and I will link to it as soon as he’s got something for me to link to. 

CaptainDreadEye:  Say, while I have you, I want to ask; Does “The Take!” have special enemies, and if so, how similar are they to clowntown?

DJ: I haven’t really thought about that much actually. Like, mainly cause when you’re dealing with an enemy force that exists in real life, you are kinda limited on what makes sense and PAYDAY pretty much hit all the bases already. But because all their enemies mostly exist in real life, they caint claim copyright on them either. I’m planning to do some research to see if there’s anything Overkill didn’t utilize.

Jumping Ship (Original Version)

So a million years ago, I wrote the original version of Jumping Ship, as well as a few other stories. Then I fucked my whole website and lost all but two of those stories which I managed to scrounge off of WayBackMachine. One of those stories, Nitriles, is now in the library, more or less exactly as it was.

Jumping Ship, however, ended up getting revamped and expanded on in what became the “Exit Strategy” update.

The original version, though, is now down here for you to compare and contrast.

Teamwork and Camaraderie

DJ: I decided Valentine’s Day is gonna be our holiday. Like TF2 and PAYDAY always did Halloween stuff. Valentine’s is under-appreciated. Plus, like, a thing I always felt was kinda sad about PAYDAY was how they could have totally emphasized teamwork and camaraderie and shit and they rarely did. Valentine’s Day is a good day to reinforce that idea. Hopefully might encourage a better community too.

Ray: Oh, that’s great, I love that idea! Especially with how fandoms love to make character-specific valentines day cards


Grudge Games

So I just renewed my library card and they had a book about the history of Rockstar Games so I checked it out and tore the fuck through it.

(As an update to my game progress, I’ve had to basically rebuild the whole thing without the preferred character selection, and I’m still in the process of that. It’s a pain in the ass, but ultimately, it’ll end up solving some invisible errors (redirects from old stuff I deleted in the past) as well as make it so you can, you know, play the game. But because that’s not terribly interesting, I’mma tell you about Rockstar and their influence on my marketing design.)

One of the most important things I ever learned about game design and marketing is that every aspect of a game’s promotional materials, ideally, should be designed in service to the game. It’s one thing to write up a manual to explain the game. It’s another better, more immersive thing to make that manual something you can enjoy while you’re still “in character”, something that also exists in the canon. Rockstar’s game manuals and websites were what taught me this.


It’s Not an Inside Joke if Everyone is in on It

Frankly, the game has been an utter pain in the ass for the last week. I was encouraged to make a little video, showing how it works thus far, but when I went to do it, I found that client players no longer spawn their characters when they load into a level. I think I’ve narrowed it down to the same sort of problem that causes their preferred characters not to be acknowledged, but I still don’t know how to to fix that problem. So harrumph.

So I’m gonna indulge in a bit of fantasizing about the glorious future where this is not the problem I’m dealing with.

One thing I’m really looking forward to is referencing things. But not the same old shit everyone else references.


Wiki Wiki Wild

You ever try to look up some bit of information about a game or a TV show and you end up at Wikia? Do you get that feeling of vague distress there too?

By contrast, have you ever visited Team Fortress 2‘s wiki? It’s fucking glorious.

Suffice to say, I am not leaving my game’s wiki up to Wikia. The software – the very same Wikipedia uses – has been installed and in service on the website’s server since June actually. There’s not enough canon or gameplay to make articles yet, but just know that when the time comes, getting information about my game is going to be a pleasant and ad-free experience.