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The Take! / HUD Elements
« Last post by DJ on May 10, 2019, 06:34:05 AM »
You know, health meters and stuff. What kind of element do you prefer?
Everything Else / Re: Burglars, Robbers, and Thieves
« Last post by DJ on April 30, 2019, 01:40:48 AM »
Oh, you know what? Guardians of the Galaxy too.

It's a shame Ant-Man never gets to meet these guys 'cause him and Star-Lord would get along FAMOUSLY.
Everything Else / Re: Burglars, Robbers, and Thieves
« Last post by DJ on April 30, 2019, 01:34:47 AM »
Avengers: Engame Spoilers

Related story: picture it, "Rats", difficulty high enough not to have release from custody without a trade. Everyone's in jail but Logan and Logan doesn't have Dominator. We watched him fight off Bulldozers and shit, hiding in that little nook under the counter that they later filled with trash to keep you out, for an hour and a half because we had hope that we could figure a way out of this bind. I think eventually we got the idea for one of us to quit out of the game entirely (we'd already tried disconnecting but not restarting and that didn't work) and rejoin and that was how we finally un-arrested everyone else.

And hey, while we're here, Ant-Man itself also qualifies.

I especially like the part at the beginning where he tries to fly right but - surprising no one - society goes out of its way to make it hard for a convict to participate, thereby practically forcing him back into crime. Cool prison industrial complex, bro. You will totally love Luis too.
The Take! / Re: Ideas for Heists
« Last post by DJ on April 16, 2019, 06:45:25 AM »
I'mma just throw out here that while there probably will be banks and casinos and other Usual Suspects, I'm very interested in less expected locales.

In fact, not to be a total teaser, but I guarantee none of you will be able to guess where the first job is going to be.
The Take! / Re: Ideas for Heists
« Last post by CunningValentine on April 03, 2019, 10:17:18 AM »
The jewel vault they had under the museum in Ocean's 8.
The Take! / Ideas for Heists
« Last post by Paupers Run on March 30, 2019, 08:50:23 AM »
Now, I'm more than certain DJ has her own ideas, and I do not want to step on any toes. But I figure this could maybe be a spring board and she may just get something out of here.

I'll start:

Perhaps an illegal casino or bookkeeping ring? After all, who are they gonna report it too?

Who else has something?
The Take! / Re: Wishlist for the game
« Last post by DJ on March 28, 2019, 11:36:26 AM »
Welp, just give a holler when you do see Jamesblack47's vid.

Okay so I watched his video and I agree a lot with what he says. I know you've seen my recent Patreon post where my friend Cyborg mentions that when Team Pank does "Framing Frame", what really happens is Simon does "Framing Frame" and the rest of us sit on the cameras in our Juggernaut Regalia.

My immediate instinct is that stealth needs, at once, to be doable by one person, but that having more people should be a significant advantage. I'm thinking that probably means that the job should go much faster with more people, because you still have to be able to do all the things if you're only one person, but that you'll probably have more patience to take your time accomplishing tasks because the only person waiting on you is you.

I like his idea about mini-games, but I don't want to rely too heavily on them. Like, a lot of the minigames he proposed seem very similar to the kind of stuff you'd do as the hacker in Clandestine, which I found not to be very fun in practice. That and one of my design goals is to minimize, hopefully eliminate, situations where you're stuck in a screen. You know, like when you're on the cameras. Like, in GTA for instance, it's the literal worst having to do anything in a computer interface while in a firefight because you're defenseless and you can't even anticipate if you're going to get killed while you try to do this mini-game.

As an example of what I mean, I put in security cameras in the game the other day and as is, they're projected on actual monitors in the world; you don't enter into them and have them take over your whole screen. It does mean that only one person can actual control the cameras at a time, but it also means you're never fully blind to the shit going on around you.

Going back to GTA, the first heist (Fleeca Job) has a drilling mini-game in it, which I think probably what he based his mock-up on. An idea I had was that it'd be nice if you could choose in advance whether you were going to use a drill rig like PAYDAY does or if you wanted to do it manually. Manually had the potential to be faster since you'd be able to gauge how the lock "feels" (via the little HUD display) so you were less likely to break the bit on your drill, but it requires one human to be drilling instead of doing other stuff, like defending if you had gone loud. There's also the possibility that the person drilling sucks at it so it could take longer. By contrast, using the drill rig freed up another human, but was slower and prone to breaking (although I do plan to make it a possiblity that this drill might not break at all 'cause that creates hope and suspense, and those things contribute to fun.)

I am getting the impression that a lot of the stuff I am wanting to do will mitigate a lot of problems with stealth as unintended consequence. Or, like, intended, but that wasn't really what I was thinking about when I thought about it, you know?

Like, I also liked his suggestions about giving non-stealth classes more stealth-oriented skills, but that really hinges on there being "trees" at all, which I'm not doing. Being able to just pick what skills you want to carry in the first place, without having to buy less useful stuff will probably help a lot with people who would play Mastermind or Enforcer and be useless in stealth.

I talked with Simon a bit about this, 'cause he was our crew's sneakyman, and he reminded me that a large problem with skills in PAYDAY originally was that in order to get the skill your build really revolved around, you typically had to go all in on that tree. Like, for instance, once you Aced Pistol Messiah and Inspire, you hardly had shit left over to toss in the Ghost tree. By the time they reworked the skill trees to be more forgiving and to permit more variety, it didn't matter 'cause they'd been forced by HoxHud to let you build multiple builds anyway.

The way I want it, you don't have to waste slots on skills you don't want, but you only get one build so you have to think about stealth AND loud in putting it together. I think it feels more immersive if you can't just change your talents to fit the situation. You are who you are and you have to work with that (or pay a stupid amount of money to respec). But because you don't have to invest so much in one direction, you can afford to have a more diversified build.
The Take! / Re: Wishlist for the game
« Last post by DJ on March 15, 2019, 05:38:51 AM »
I don't have one yet. I figure it's gonna be a thing that'll need to test to make sure it's balanced.
The Take! / Re: Wishlist for the game
« Last post by Paupers Run on March 14, 2019, 11:45:34 AM »
I see. Additional question: I figure there's a different measuring scale of loot from Clowntown, but how much so? For scale, Death Sentence multiplies loot value by 9.2. What's your scale?
The Take! / Re: Wishlist for the game
« Last post by DJ on March 14, 2019, 11:22:43 AM »
Ok, here's a new question: Loot bags. I remember you saying you'd keep the bag moving mechanics, but what else is there?

* What kind of loot besides money do you have in mind?

Practically speaking, it doesn't matter much what a loot object is, since they're all dufflebags at the end of the day. The only difference is the weight. That said, I do prefer the idea of the crew going to a place to steal a specific object and maybe finding other theftables in the process.

I'm thinking a lot of jobs are going to involve museum type wares like ancient relics (Cairo's favorite), jewels, paintings, that sort of thing, but I'm thinking of less obvious marks too. Perhaps corporate espionage, technological goods. Truthfully, the loot is probably going to follow the location when it comes to designing a job a lot of the time, not the other way around. I'm more interested in giving you variety instead of lots of warehouses, you know?

* Does the value of the loot change with difficulty?

Yes, although, this is mainly about the money system in general. One difference between PAYDAY and my game that I hope to implement is making it so each player must front a certain amount of money in order to do a job. This may prevent you from playing certain jobs if you have crewmates who don't have enough money for their share (or at least, you'll have to do a smaller job first in order to afford a larger one). The idea being that my crew work for themselves, so you have to fund each job out of your own money. Plus, it gives money a more longterm use in game, as opposed to just piling up after you've bought all the shit you want.

tl;dr if you do shit on hard mode, you deserve hard mode money. Especially since hard mode will probably cost more too.

* Do you have plans for infinite loot heists?

Nothing designed yet, but "Rats" was one of my favorite heists so yeah. Will say that I'm not really interested in having my crew serve as drug mules. Like, finding a bag of coke incidentally is fine, but I'm very much not planning anything where they manufacture or transport drugs.
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