Very Bust of Nefertiti

Ray: I’m gonna send you what I have for Cairo so far, since the furthest I’ve gotten with Sable is “tiny, furious triangle”. I haven’t even started on her hair because I think it will largely depend on her body shape.

Two early concept designs for Sable.

The two body shapes are supposed to be different, but I can already tell you that they’re not dissimilar enough. The one on the right is meant to be slimmer in the hips and taller, but obvs they kinda just look the same. As for the faces, let me know which one you’re leaning toward or if you want more options. I guess the succinct way of going about this would be me asking, “Is anything here working for you?” and if not, I hit the canvas again.

DJ: That second face is very ! Especially dat nose. Very Bust of Nefertiti. I really like the squareness of it too. And these smug expressions! As for the bodies, I like both of them. I think the wider hip looks more balanced with the broad shoulder, but the narrow hip is more distinctive. My immediate feeling is that the first one was more pleasing, but I think the second one is the one we should go with. More distinctive is better here, I think.

Ray: I agree with you on that. I want to try refining it a bit still, but I’ll head more in the “broad shoulders, narrow hips” direction. My instinct for Sable is giving her a shorter, more pear-shaped body so we can have top vs. bottom heavy. Easily distinguishable silhouettes.

DJ: Yes! One of the first things I knew I wanted out of my game was to be able to tell people apart by character so you wouldn’t have to have their names hovering over them the whole time. Terribly inelegant.

Ray: Are the models in-game going to all be the same height?

DJ: No, they can have different heights. I know some people are picky about everyone having the same hitbox, but my game isn’t a comp game, and anyway, it doesn’t make much of a difference in Left 4 Dead so it shouldn’t in The Take! either.

Ray: Okay, cool! that gives me more freedom to play with shape diversity. Neat. I’ll run a round 2 on Cairo and try to nail down Sable before this weekend.

DJ: Excellent! Thank you!

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