It’s Like She Almost Had the Perfect Beauty Queen Nose and Then It Went a Hair Too Far

Ray: I may or may not have seen The Incredibles 2 and Ocean’s 8 very recently… I hope it’s not too obvious…

Two early concept designs for Sable.

You can pick and choose features you like between these two designs as well, since they’re fairly different, aside from the hips.

DJ: Oh man, I caint wait to animate dat jerky hip swang walk cycle. The undereye circles are a great touch too, really brings out the weathering and age! The rolled up sleeves on the first one is neat. Sable’s role on the crew is… I guess she’d be considered a Technician in general, although in practice she’s more of a machinist. Programm-y computer-ish hacker stuff is another secondary character’s business. Canonically, Sable cracks safes and other grunt work, so having the sleeves rolled up is great so they’re out of the way. She will still need a jacket though, but we can do like Sydney do and roll its sleeves up along with the shirt.

I also really like the one button too far unbuttoned. I think that’s a good detail that, combined with everything else, will read not as “look at my modest cleavage, I am trying to be sexy”, but as “Cairo told me to dress business-casual, but there was a gap between those buttons and I have no idea what double-sided shirt tape is nor any interest in learning to use it and moreover I willfully have no idea what is appropriate without being expressly told”. Perhaps a shirt tail sticking out too? Might be too much visual activity up top but I’d like to see what that’d look like too.

I’m not feelin’ the superboots though. It’s a little deliberately stylish for Sable. Sable’s typically on trend, but only because she buys what she sees in stores and in music videos where people are partying in California, you know? She doesn’t “put together” outfits, look for vintage pieces, or get too avant garde or experimental with shapes. She’s frankly kinda white trash so she’s uneducated in the area. I’m thinking she’s more of a Converse low-tops kinda girl, ’cause Converse are, comfy, casual and never go out of style. (Yeah, I know they have no arch support, but for every realistic consideration, I feel I can take a liberty.)

(Rest assured, though, if you’re still interested in doing more of these, there will be opportunities for Looks. I’m definitely interested in making this a bit of a fashion show. Next character in line is pretty dramatic.)

As far the facial features go, I really like the first face. It’s got that Valley Girl/Southern Belle feel to it. Makes me think of Dolly Parton in Steel Magnolias. The upturned nose is actually TOO cute which is great, you know? It’s like she almost had the perfect beauty queen nose and then it went a hair too far. Love it! The hair makes me think of the Chippettes though. She does tie it up during heists, but it needs more texture like the second version’s. You KNOW she does that shit where it’s trying to be off-duty model hair, but it looks more like late aughts beach waves in a wind tunnel ’cause she hasn’t watched the YouTube tutorials, hasn’t put the necesary work in, and off-duty models don’t run around waving guns, sliding over bank countertops, and hauling duffel bags.

Actually! The face reminds me of my Aunt Debbie, who Sable is a little bit based on. So sold on Face #1.

Ray: This is amazing feedback!! I’ll absolutely tweak design. I wasn’t sold on the boots either to be honest.

DJ: I’ve been thinking about it and they wouldn’t be amiss on Cairo. She likes to invest in good solid staples that can be mixed and matched. A nondescipt boot like that would be up her alley, although a zipper or a buckle or other minor detail would be needed so it won’t be mistaken for a stretch fabric. Additionally, I don’t want to go to far into the archaeologist area since Campo Santo is already going there, but Cairo has a thing for ancient artifacts and civilizations (her parents are museum curators and she likes to touch artifacts that are behind glass to everyone else). So the boot – as opposed to a wingtip as I’d originally imagined – would hint at that sort of adventurer wish.

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