Very John Frieda Beach Waves Spray!

Ray: Wanted to take a min to see if I could rework Sable’s hair a bit and feel out something else for her. I reworked the messy bun to be less Chippette-ish because I do still like the idea, but I tried out some other more modern styles to see if I can get closer to your vision.

Various early hair designs for Sable.

Tried to convey her undyed roots without confusing the volume, let me know if you want a version without the roots.

DJ: D is a great improvement on the bun style and A’s texture is pretty close to what I was imagining. Very John Frieda Beach Waves Spray! I might end up doing multiple models ’cause they’d wear different stuff in the safehouse when they’re “out of uniform” and I might could use both styles for Sable in that case.

I did have one other thought though.

In the original sketches you showed me, I really liked the texture on the second version’s hair. Would it be too much trouble to do a version of Sable with a ponytail in that texture? I know a ponytail isn’t the greatest idea safety-wise, but I don’t plan to code in hair-pulling and no one ever questioned Hoxton’s. I figure I could get away with it. A ponytail might read as more fun (since Sable does see jobs as a type of party) and I could put a jiggle bone on it (also fun).

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