Teamwork and Camaraderie

DJ: I decided Valentine’s Day is gonna be our holiday. Like TF2 and PAYDAY always did Halloween stuff. Valentine’s is under-appreciated. Plus, like, a thing I always felt was kinda sad about PAYDAY was how they could have totally emphasized teamwork and camaraderie and shit and they rarely did. Valentine’s Day is a good day to reinforce that idea. Hopefully might encourage a better community too.

Ray: Oh, that’s great, I love that idea! Especially with how fandoms love to make character-specific valentines day cards


Ray: “You drive me crazy, Valentine!” *Sable at the wheel of the escape vehicle, leaning out the window with her piece at the ready*

DJ: “I treasure your friendship.” *Cairo with some ancient artifact she stole*

Ray: Love it.

DJ: But yeah, I’m kinda hoping that if I make more of a thing of the characters’ friendships and mutual trust, etc than PAYDAY did, then that might hopefully mitigate some of the toxicity. Also, GTA is the only other game I’ve known to do Valentine’s Day stuff and they’re not consistent about it so I can expect to be mostly unopposed as far as other games’ events go.

Ray: Yeah, it would be a unique holiday and you could make some interesting cosmetics/additions related to it. A broken champagne bottle with a bow on the neck as a melee weapon or something, haha.

DJ: Oh, that’s cute!

Ray: Holiday themed ties. Those heart-shaped payday glasses were one of my favorite later-addition mask options.

DJ: I’m not sure how much I’m gonna give in the way of cosmetic items though. I mean, I don’t know if you’ve ever played GTA Online, but I’ve seen the way these people dress when permitted to pick their own clothes. Even if I did have cosmetics, they’d be very limited options to remain true to characters. That and I feel that PAYDAY really over-relied on cosmetics as content when they knew the value content was maps so my feeling is the my attention is better dedicated to making levels.

I do like the idea of mission specific clothes and disguises though. Don’t know how viable disguising is gonna be, but I’d like to have it if I could figure out how to make it efficient.

Ray: I agree with you there, when there are too many cosmetic options it can pull you out of the world of the game. I do like the idea of mission-specific outfits. Imagine if Golden Grin had you start with waiter/busser outfits for the casino instead of whatever the hell Sydney was wearing.

DJ: Yeah, see, in some cases I think it’d really make more sense to have a specific outfit. Or like, the story behind Counterfeit doesn’t work at all without the repairman get-ups.

The main thing about different outfits though is that it increases the amount of work that has to be done in order to add a new character. Like, every time you want to add a new crewmate, you not only have to do all the basic stuff, but also make them a copy of every mission-specific outfit and disguise. And I’m not planning to hire help for the foreseeable future.

Ray: Oh, I hadn’t even thought about that, but you’re absolutely right.

DJ: Like, I might even be over-extending myself, wanting them to have casual outfits. You can see how PAYDAY cheated that a bit by giving every male character the same body build. So aside from, like, the auction mission, they only had to make new outfits for the ladies. But we are going for diverse silhouettes, so that’s not an option.

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