Transitional Period (Intro)

I found a little bit of Transitional Period on the WayBackMachine! It’s just the part above the cut, but it does contain Sable’s (since-abandoned) lack of trigger discipline.

“It’ll take us about three days,” Cleo said into the hotel room phone. Her shoulder pinned the headset to her ear as she organized her things in her suitcase. “Eleven o’clock on Saturday? Yeah. We’ll be there.”

Still listening to the voice on the phone, she leaned to dodge Dixie, who was darting around the room, tossing her things into her own suitcase. Cleo put her hand over the receiver and said, “Unload that gun if you’re just going to toss your shit in there with it.” Dixie stopped in her tracks and returned to her case. She dug the her revolver out from under her clothes, popped the cylinder, let the bullets fall into her suitcase, and then dropped the gun back on top of the pile. Satisfied, Cleo returned her full attention to the phone.

“Great! Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing you again too,” she said. “Thank you again…

Goodbye.” She hung up the phone. “All right, she’s invited us to her house in New York for brunch to talk crew setups. We could be there in two days, but I asked for three so we wouldn’t have to rush,” she explained in a raised voice so Dixie, who was in the bathroom, could hear her.

Dixie came back with a zipper lock bag of her toiletries in one hand and her makeup bag in the other. She tossed both on top of the pile in her suitcase and began smoothing and smooshing the mountain of personal effects down so the lid would shut.

“Seems weird to invite us to her actual house,” Dixie commented as she struggled with her suitcase.

Transitional Period was a three-part story that got lost in the Great Wiki Update Incident of 2018. The first part was about Cleo and Dixie packing up to head to New York to visit with Bijou. the second part dealt with Dixie picking out a new name, which I hadn’t decided on one for her yet so that was just me lettin’ the rest of you know that. And the third part was about them reviewing their crewmates in the Hole in the Wall app. That part will be rewritten because I quite liked that concept.

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