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CaptainDreadEye has his own heist crew narrative going and I will link to it as soon as he’s got something for me to link to. 

CaptainDreadEye:  Say, while I have you, I want to ask; Does “The Take!” have special enemies, and if so, how similar are they to clowntown?

DJ: I haven’t really thought about that much actually. Like, mainly cause when you’re dealing with an enemy force that exists in real life, you are kinda limited on what makes sense and PAYDAY pretty much hit all the bases already. But because all their enemies mostly exist in real life, they caint claim copyright on them either. I’m planning to do some research to see if there’s anything Overkill didn’t utilize.

One thing I had been considering though is not having basic walk-around guards be armed since most security guards aren’t. The role of GenSec was always pretty weird and I think that was because Overkill are from Sweden and don’t realize that GenSec would be considered a para-military organization in the States, which though not illegal would give the government pause. That they earn a government contract later in the story legitimize them, but it’s still like, “Why does GenSec have more firepower and why do they handle stuff that, like, actually SWAT teams and shit would handle?”

But then again, the possibility of getting shot in stealth mode contributes to fun so I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it, test it out.

Love the Tazer though so I’ll definitely be doing something like him. Like, being zapped is annoying, but I also think it’s one of the more interesting things that happens in combat AND it asks a lot of ethical questions of the cops so that’s good for plot.

OWATE, there was one special enemy I had an idear about, but I gotta keep that secret because it relates to the plot. It’s something I’m planning to introduce later in the game, but know that it’s an RNG thing sort of like Captain Winters, but not stationary or involving a whole phalanx of dudes.

Oh, actually, speaking of him though, I also was going to look at the possibility of different Captain style mini-bosses ’cause a thing that always chapped my ass about Captain Winters is that Garrett specified “captains” plural and we only ever got the one. So it was easy to just make sure someone brought something in case Winters shows up. If there were multiple captain-type enemies, you wouldn’t be able to just bring the weapon that works well against a particular one.

Sorry for the manifesto. I have a lot of thoughts for someone who hasn’t thought much about it.

CaptainDreadEye:  Cool. I recently came up with my own kind of special enemy if you wanna hear it.

DJ: Sure!

CaptainDreadEye:  Ok, I’ll post it to the forum so others can see it, but I’ll tell you first here.

So, I was rereading “Interference” and watched this video of this gamer I like. In said video, this horrible static came out of the mic of another gamer he was playing with, and that got me thinking:

The Signalmen (maybe women).

These guys essentially give you a taste of that ECM Feedback medicine. Their static burst will hurt the player’s health through any armor. Not exactly sniper levels of damage, but they friggin’ hurt if you don’t get rid of them.

They have their weaknesses. The equipment they use is kinda bulky, so they can’t really run. They aren’t as slow as a bulldozer at launch, but are kinda reduced to a crawl. Additionally, they have to use small SMG’s to not weigh them down any further. I’d say they have 1/4 of a bulldozer’s health, but I’m not sure. Don’t know too much on how PD measures enemy health.

But you can fight back with ECMs. The equipment can block ECM Feedback for its duration, but this requires them to turn off the static burst so as to keep other cops in the fight.

So, what do you think?

DJ:  I like this idea. There’s a guy who does something sort of like that in Rainbow Six: Siege. I ’bout lost my damn mind that first time that shit kicked in. Although I don’t think that’s a thing that should hurt a player’s health. It feels more like something that should be a disorientation effect. Sort of flashbangs- actually, rather than that, it should interfere with comms!

Like in Left 4 Dead 2, there’s a campaign called “Hard Rain” and in the last map of it is rains hard. Thus the name. And when the wind really picks up, the game will actually disable voice chat momentarily so you can’t speak to your teammates over the storm.

I think this guy oughta do that, but also, like, say you speak on voice chat when he’s doing his thing. It should make an quiet static effect noise in the voice chat of everyone else’s comms instead of your voice. Maybe a visual effect too, but I’m thinking just the disability might be enough since you’d have to recognize what’s happening (and you’ll be missing info in the midst of that) and then you have to find this guy in the thick of all the other forces and kill him in order to get your comms back up.

I’d actually had this other idea for a reality mode – again, not unlike Left 4 Dead 2 – where the difficulty is basically set to realistic levels and one of the things this mode would do was actually create “noise” that guards can hear when you use voice chat. So if you were sneaking around, teammates who weren’t near guards could speak to you, but you wouldn’t be able to respond without nearby guards hearing.

I guess I’d have to disable text chat for that too, but I think that’d be okay on Realism Mode.

Ooh, now this is like a whole new avenue of possibilities! Enemies that don’t actively seek to fight, maybe even hide, but create problems. Intriguing. I’m gonna think on that shit!

CaptainDreadEye:  Ah, yes. I thought I was forgetting something. Yes, Matthias and Gabriel can’t really talk to you when the signal’s getting screwy, and I remember giving my signalmen the ability to jam certain objectives. Like if you need to hack something, the signalman is screwing up the  connection between offsite tech, so he needs to go down.

The reason I figured it hurt health was that ear-splitting static probably isn’t doing you a lot of favors.

DJ:  No, it wouldn’t, but I think it would probably do more to hinder a crew’s progress the longer they were unaware that it was a problem. Plus, one thing one wants to avoid is enemies that basically accomplish the same thing. In this case, making it debilitating in that way more or less accomplishes the same task as a Tazer would.

It makes sense for ECM Feedback to do damage when you’re using it defensively because it halts the cops’ goal of filling you fulla holes and it’s vindictive which is hilarious, but when used on defense, I think it’s better for it to be a more subtle approach and just cause heterodynes instead of ear piercing noise.

(Plus,you just gotta factor in that most people aren’t going to like having loud noises blasted in their ears by surprise, you know? Same reason I’m reluctant to go too hard on visual effects either. Ain’t trying to give people seizures.)

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