You’re One Guy and You Have These Skills

DJ: “When Team Pank does “Framing Frame”, what really happens is Simon does “Framing Frame” and the rest of us sit on the cameras in our Juggernaut Regalia.”

Simon: I mean, yeah, but sometimes you guys help me get the paintings out.

DJ: Well, la di da!

Simon: Baggage handling!

DJ: Main point is that better stealth = all hands needs to be involved. It shouldn’t be a situation where one guy plays the game and the rest watch him from uninteresting angles.

Simon: True, but you guys never wanted to stealth.

DJ: I like stealth. And honestly? The fellers probably didn’t want to stealth because we’re often more of a hindrance than a help. But the object here is to find ways to mitigate that.

Simon: Oh, I thought you didn’t enjoy the stealthy jobs – at least not after they changed the pager system.

DJ: I think the pager system is dumb, but I don’t mind stealth. I just personally felt that, as a Mastermind, I was more helpful in a loud situation. But if I had the ability to help more in stealth, well then.

Simon: One way I think we can make it better is to make sure it’s a little more fair. Sneaking around in payday was always a crapshoot because guards had super eagle vision, and detection through/around walls was bullshit.

DJ: Already done.

Simon: Can’t make it too easy, though, so I can understand the balancing act involved.

DJ: The guy in this video recommends reworking the skill trees so that non-stealth classes have more applicable stealth talents, which I think is a step in the right direction, but that kind works on the basis of there being trees at all, which I don’t have.

I’m thinking I’m going to maybe up the skills you can have to around ten, but make it stupid expensive to respec. ‘Cause I really don’t want people just making a build with all the good stealth shit and switching to it for stealth jobs. I want people to have to build for all events.

Simon: I guess I’ve never asked, but did you not like that I used different builds?

DJ: I don’t think it’s a bad thing that you did since you had that ability. I had different builds too, I just mostly didn’t need to switch to them.

But overall, I did prefer how it was before HoxHud let you do different builds, because it meant you really had to THINK about what skills were going to be worth it. ‘Cause it felt more like being a single heister, you know? You’re one guy and you have these skills and those skills fit into your crew like this. Or if you play with randoms, you know how to do what you know how to do and you have to be like Tim Gunn and make it work.

Being able to just switch from your loud shit to your stealthy shit breaks that immersion.

Truthfully, though, I never “felt” the changes in your skills. I always just kinda assumed your stealth and dodge shit were one and the same since I hardly ever swapped my own build out. Not having really built for those skills myself, I just blithely assumed you probably had to buy a lot of the skills for one to get to the other anyway.

Simon: Being able to use different builds made the game a lot more fun for me. When we first started, I was using a more stealthy build, but I was pretty useless in loud fights.

Like, we’d be doing “Rats”. You and me were upstairs cooking, with the depopulators downstairs. And any time we got in trouble, they’d have to run up and save use from heavy enemies.

The biggest problem was that you had to fully commit if you wanted a decent build either way. Like, the points needed were too much if you wanted good jimmy-jammers or if you wanted to do any damage with pistols. So I needed two builds, using different skills and weapons for both.

Once that happened, I could kill Shields and Bulldozers myself.

DJ: Well, being able to just get whatever skills you want without having to go all in should mitigate that. You can have good jimmy-jammers and good pistol skills, but maybe not much else. But maybe you don’t need much else if you have those.

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