Best Behavior

Only since Unreal started their monthly free assets program this year have I realized the virtues of the Marketplace. My to-do list yesterday included researching AI asset packs.

DJ: I found a plugin that looks really promising re: AI but it’s $90. But it’s networked, has a bunch of different kinds of AI included. Civilians, guards, shooting and melee (not to mention that I could borrow some of the player utility too, melee etc.). AI parkour. Very well rated.

Simon: Hmm! Well, if you think it will, like, integrate smoothly, seems like a good investment.

DJ: Yeah! The main thing I was having trouble finding was AI that was built to be networked. There’s a few packs with just AI itself, but most of them aren’t designed for multiplayer.

Simon: I remember that time we were playing clowns, doing some normal bank job, and one of the AI civilians was just la-dee-dah hanging out on the bench outside while this armed robbery is taking place?

DJ: Yes!

You’re One Guy and You Have These Skills

DJ: “When Team Pank does “Framing Frame”, what really happens is Simon does “Framing Frame” and the rest of us sit on the cameras in our Juggernaut Regalia.”

Simon: I mean, yeah, but sometimes you guys help me get the paintings out.

DJ: Well, la di da!

Simon: Baggage handling!

DJ: Main point is that better stealth = all hands needs to be involved. It shouldn’t be a situation where one guy plays the game and the rest watch him from uninteresting angles.


You Want a Little “Yakety Sax” in a Heist Game

So like, to me, it’s one thing to show strangers and acquaintances my game, and quite another to show close friends, but it needs to be done.

DJ: I did have something I wanted to show you though. I’ve been making a game myself. It’s basically PAYDAY but without all the shit I hate about PAYDAY. I’m a little nervous about showing friends ’cause Logan’s been pretty skeptical about it, but that’s understandable. I been tellin’ him I’m gonna make a game for years and he hasn’t seen it yet. But I released what I have done so far and made a little update-y thing like TF2 does for it and the response from more periphery parties has been encouraging so now I’m gettin’ up the balls to show more people.


There is silence for a while.

DJ: Holy shit, you’re playing it! It doesn’t DO anything yet really. It mostly just demonstrates mechanics.

Special Units

CaptainDreadEye has his own heist crew narrative going and I will link to it as soon as he’s got something for me to link to. 

CaptainDreadEye:  Say, while I have you, I want to ask; Does “The Take!” have special enemies, and if so, how similar are they to clowntown?

DJ: I haven’t really thought about that much actually. Like, mainly cause when you’re dealing with an enemy force that exists in real life, you are kinda limited on what makes sense and PAYDAY pretty much hit all the bases already. But because all their enemies mostly exist in real life, they caint claim copyright on them either. I’m planning to do some research to see if there’s anything Overkill didn’t utilize.

Teamwork and Camaraderie

DJ: I decided Valentine’s Day is gonna be our holiday. Like TF2 and PAYDAY always did Halloween stuff. Valentine’s is under-appreciated. Plus, like, a thing I always felt was kinda sad about PAYDAY was how they could have totally emphasized teamwork and camaraderie and shit and they rarely did. Valentine’s Day is a good day to reinforce that idea. Hopefully might encourage a better community too.

Ray: Oh, that’s great, I love that idea! Especially with how fandoms love to make character-specific valentines day cards


Very John Frieda Beach Waves Spray!

Ray: Wanted to take a min to see if I could rework Sable’s hair a bit and feel out something else for her. I reworked the messy bun to be less Chippette-ish because I do still like the idea, but I tried out some other more modern styles to see if I can get closer to your vision.

Various early hair designs for Sable.

Tried to convey her undyed roots without confusing the volume, let me know if you want a version without the roots.


If I Really Wanted to Demolish You, I’d Write HoxIn

November 13th, 2018

DJ: Theoretically, if I were to write one last PAYDAY fic, is there a particular subject that you’d hope it’d be about?

Ray: I really love character interactions. Basically anything Bain-focused is going to be a hit with me especially since there’s not a lot of fics about him, more ones where he makes a brief cameo and dips out. But I understand why Bain fics are hard haha. Anything where two characters are interacting and trying to further their own motivations is going to be enjoyable for me. Bonus points if it features a well-written Bonnie, Bain, Houston, or Dallas. Since they don’t get a lot of fic love.


Very Bust of Nefertiti

Ray: I’m gonna send you what I have for Cairo so far, since the furthest I’ve gotten with Sable is “tiny, furious triangle”. I haven’t even started on her hair because I think it will largely depend on her body shape.

Two early concept designs for Sable.

The two body shapes are supposed to be different, but I can already tell you that they’re not dissimilar enough. The one on the right is meant to be slimmer in the hips and taller, but obvs they kinda just look the same. As for the faces, let me know which one you’re leaning toward or if you want more options. I guess the succinct way of going about this would be me asking, “Is anything here working for you?” and if not, I hit the canvas again.