TF2/SpyParty/Sea of Thieves Area

I offered Ray the job of designing my characters April of last year.

Ray: Can I just tell you how excited I am?? I could barely sit still after I read your message.

DJ: Oh gosh! It’s always really humbling when people are excited about stuff I’m involved in.

Ray: I’d love to start working on these right away. How many designs are you looking for?

DJ: Two, just to start out. As for ideas, they’re pretty general so you’ll have some room to try things. I kinda don’t want to go super detailed just because I’ve never modeled anything in Blender before that wasn’t squared. Also, I’d really like if the game could run on a potato so while we’re not going low poly or anything, we’re not doing Final Fantasy shit either. I just want these guys to be readable, you know? The main thing is different silhouettes so you can actually tell your crewmates apart from a distance.

Ray: I totally get where you’re coming from. Do you have written descriptions of the characters or do you want me to throw some designs at the wall and see what sticks? Can you tell I’m excited to work on this yet?