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How did Cairo and Sable end up joining the Syndicate?

Just Sable 'cause hers happens early enough in Syndicate history to be interesting. I might go back and make this longer later, but I'm tired of sitting on it and this should give you a general idea of the circumstances.

"There's one more stop on the tour. If you'll follow me back into the elevator," the tour guide said as he pressed the call button.

"This place is pretty cool," Summer said to fill the time while they waited for the elevator to come up. "I didn't think we'd ever see stuff like this after the dotcom bubble. And y'all're making actual money this time around?"

"Heh, yes, we're doing quite well," the tour guide said. The elevator arrived and they both got on. The doors slid shut and the elevator descended.

"So Summer," he broached, "I'm afraid there was an ulterior motive in offering you a tour of our headquarters."

"Aw fuck, this isn't like that thing where the police say you won a drawing for a boat and then they arrest you when you come to get it, is it?" Summer asked. She was making a joke, but the fact that she was stuck - trapped - in an elevator rose a few ranks of importance in the back of her mind.

"Well, to be honest, it is a little like that," the tour guide said. "except instead of arresting you, we'd like to offer you a job."

Summer stared. She couldn't quite process what he'd just said. She had been joking, but it kinda sounded like this guy knew she made her money by robbing gas stations. Summer debated internally how to respond to this. She didn't want to just assume that's what he was saying though. hat if she was misunderstanding the situation? She didn't want to tip her hand. She had to say something though.

"What?" she asked after a too-long pause.

The tour guide chuckled.

"Yeah, this is always the hardest part. We actually used to track people like you down through the app and approach them in public because we thought it was safer that way. A lot of us ended up getting shot though so now we ask people to come here."

Summer blinked at this admission and then asked, "What?" again.

"Right, sorry," the tour guide said. "To cut the crap, we know you're a gas station bandit. We'd like to offer you an opportunity to pull robberies for us."

That took all the ambiguity out of it. They knew. Summer wasn't caught yet though. The elevator had to open sometime and when it did, she could just dart out and make her escape.

They were already at the second floor and a moment later, the floor number display read "1".

But the elevator didn't stop. It kept descending.

"What the fuck? Does this elevator ever stop?" Summer asked.

The tour guide chuckled.

"We're going to my office in the subterranean levels."

"They give tour guides offices?" Summer asked.

"I'm not really a tour guide," he said in a stage whisper, as if she should've picked up on that already and he was reminding her.

"Okay, but wouldn't it have been easier to wait until I was trapped in your office to tell me you were gonna... blackmail me?" Summer ventured a guess.

"We tried that, but people tend to bolt up and run for it the second you tell them you know they're a bank robber and then we'd have to chase them down. We found the elevator ride was better because you can't run anywhere. It's just long enough for us to state the situation, let you get the panic out of your system, and then calm down," the not-tour guide explained. "And we're not blackmailing you either. We're offering you a job. You're welcome to turn it down."

The elevator finally stopped and the doors slid open.

"If you'll come with me to my office, I can tell you more about it," the not-tour guide said brightly stepping out of the elevator and waiting for her.

Summer hung back. Should she? It could still be a trap. Although if it was, Summer still thought there had been better opportunities to spring it. On the other hand, she was intrigued. She'd never been offered a job before and -

The elevator doors were shutting. Summer hopped over the threshold before the doors could shut her in.

The not-a-tour guide snickered.

"Yeah, okay," Summer said.
Off Topic / Re: You Know What I Learned Today?
« Last post by Django Durango on January 13, 2020, 05:40:02 AM »
We could maybe use some info on lindy-hop 'cause this is rapidly turning into the Fucked-Up Shit Thread. Unfortunately, though, I know about a lot of fucked up shit and your post reminded me of this example:

The Family International - formerly known as Teens for Christ and then The Children of God - is a cult that produced a children's video series called Treasure Attic. It was a Christian-oriented sing-along show with puppets. It's arguably most famous now for this episode due to this gif that originates from it:

Based on the little bit of the show that I've watched, I don't think Treasure Attic itself was sinister or contained any indoctrination messages (you know, aside from regular Christianity stuff which is generally benign) but I only watched that one episode so.

The cult itself has a lot of wild-ass sex practices though. The most notorious is the sexual relationship you're supposed to have with Jesus (basically just imagining he's fucking you when you're having sex or masturbating (and if you're a dude, you're supposed to imagine you're a woman during this)). They also used the age old trick of having the female members lure guys in with sex, but they coined the term Flirty Fishing for it. They're also subject to allegations of sexual abuse of minors 'cause of course they are.
Off Topic / Re: You Know What I Learned Today?
« Last post by Paupers Run on January 11, 2020, 07:51:50 PM »
Well, I didn't make my first post on this page about lindy-hopping being called Savoying or whatever, but the fact i did just dig up... hoo boy is it a doozy.

So, today I learned that the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas had their own children's TV show with 21 episodes from 2007-2009 known as "Tomorrow's Pioneers".  On it, children were taught things like antisemitism, anti-Americanism, and Islamism [or "Islamism as only terrorist fuckwits see it, not actual Islamism]. Also, one of it's host characters was a shameless ripoff of Mickey Mouse known as "Farfour The Mouse".

Jesus, I couldn't make this up if I tried.

Y'know what, post Cunning's story first whenever you can. I feel like I keep cutting him in line with my prompts.
So I am working on both of the remaining prompts in this thread, but they will probably not be done until January. They're both turning out to be conversational finesse situations (which take more work) and like everyone else, I've got holiday shit going on besides.

So yeah, let me get Christmas and New Year's out of the way and I'll get back to work.
Yes, but I only really know of it through PushingUpRoses.
Is that a Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries reference I see?
So, I think it's Cairo's turn for a spotlight heist without Sable. However, I want to change things up by giving a pitch sentence or two, and you can build the story around that. Here goes:

" 'Oh for God's sake, would you idiots stop with this diet Bonnie and Clyde bullshit?!' Phryne spat out to her teammates as Cleo started emptying the smaller safe. 'Newsflash, it ain't gonna save your marriage!' "
Oh, this is easy! I'mma type this shit right in the box, don't even need to break out Notepad.

"They're still nitriles, what's the fuckin' difference?" Banshee complained. He crossed his arms obstinately.

"It creates a Mr. Black situation, Banshee," Wintour explained with steely patience. "If you show up to a job wearing black nitriles when everyone else is wearing blue like they're supposed to, then your crewmates get jealous of you and resentful of the uniform. Then all of three of those crewmates are going to show up to their next job wearing the wrong color gloves, which perpetuates the disruption in team morale. It creates a ripple effect that could lead to people trying to disregard the uniform entirely, which would in turn create problems with crews being recognizable as such to civilians. And if civilians cannot immediately recognize you as a Syndicate agent, they're more likely to resist and interfere with your work which could lead to causalities."

"Besides, the pattern on the tie was designed specifically to embrace the blue in the nitriles," Wintour added. "Without that blue for it to draw on, you look like you can't dress yourself. You may as well be out there wearing black shoes and a brown belt."

They wouldn't cut into the money though over that though. That's the kind of thing that just needs a reprimand.

Also, I am working on yours, Cunning.

Y'know, when I pitched this, I weirdly hadn't considered "the rest of his crew got arrested" as the reason Vermouth was on his own.

Anyhoo, bringing up the uniform brought me to my next prompt:

A Syndicate guy, Banshee, is getting pissed at his controller for cutting into his money from his first job just because he had the wrong gloves on. Y'know, saying something like "They're gloves, the fuck's the difference?!"

The guy has material as an average robber. Somewhere between 2.7 and 3.2 on the app, so it's not for lack of brains that he used different gloves.
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