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Exit Strategy - Author's Note
« on: September 17, 2019, 08:10:00 AM »
Hello and welcome to The Take!

Look, real talk? The game's dev team consists of me, myself, and I. "I, Alone", like the Live song. And that means that this is going to take a while. What I have done so far - and it's nowhere even close to done - took me three years to do. Now that sounds scary, but I think I'm through the worst of it with Unreal. I'm pretty comfortable working in it now. But building this game and all the additional content surrounding it is still a gargantuan amount of work for a single person.

So here at The Take! we do not ride the Hype Train. Hype only ends up disappointing. And I by myself cannot hope to live up to the Hype Train. So instead of selling you on a dream, I'll tell you exactly what you can expect on this trip.

Slower progress than you might be used to, but generally more transparency too. I have no investors, stockholders, publishers, or any other kind of meddlesome influences on my vision so you can rest assured that we won't be doing any tacky shit like force-feeding you movie tie-in characters or adding in inappropriate weapons because we made a deal to cross-promote some game in another genre. I'm not going to promise that there won't be micro-transactions because I might eventually find a really cool and elegant way to use them. But we're not doing paid lootcrates, if that's what you're worried about. In fact, there's a pretty big chance there won't be cosmetics at all because I want to focus my limited time and energy on quality content like the jobs you'll be pulling.

If you've read my PAYDAY 2 fanfic, you hopefully already trust me to tell you a decent story. And I promise there won't be any supernatural bullshit or Illuminati conspiracies. Regular-ass conspiracies, maybe, but no mystical Illuminati shit.

Basically, I'm out to make a game where you and up to three friends steal things from places. If that sounds good to you, then welcome aboard the Managed Expectations Express!

Choo choo!