Very John Frieda Beach Waves Spray!

Ray: Wanted to take a min to see if I could rework Sable’s hair a bit and feel out something else for her. I reworked the messy bun to be less Chippette-ish because I do still like the idea, but I tried out some other more modern styles to see if I can get closer to your vision.

Various early hair designs for Sable.

Tried to convey her undyed roots without confusing the volume, let me know if you want a version without the roots.


This Whole Thing Got Started Because Someone Was Doing an Unsatisfactory Job

It took me most of the week, but I got loud combat AI’s to shoot guns at you and for it to hurt when they do. I’ll need to make some adjustments to their behavior trees – give them more refined decision making – and make sure that all this stuff is replicating, but the main thing is you now have things to shoot and they shoot back.

I basically had to reverse engineer the tutorial I followed to make the AI take damage from your guns. Even though the tutorial I followed to get that also had one for enemy AI that should have explained exactly what I wanted. Two, in fact.

Like a lot of these tutorials, it’s written by a guy for whom English ain’t a first language. More than that, though, the structure is just difficult to adapt to other uses. This particular tutorial is very specific to the game he is making. I’ve managed to cobble enough useful bits and pieces out of it to get to where I am, but man. The book he’s writing is gonna be a hard sell.