When assembling a heist crew, it's important that you're all on the same page. More important is that you're all in the same building. This first test build won't give you any real experience in the field yet - this is mostly about proving that the network infrastructure works 'cause the game won't be shit if it doesn't - but you will at least be able to get together in the same room, mingle via voice and text chat, and compare each other's sick locomotion moves.

You will need to be logged into a Steam account to create or join a session.

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The criminal underground is a small world. And it only gets smaller when most of the criminal element are working exclusively for one large, shadowy organization. How do you find crewmates without complex algorithms to match you up based on your profile information and probably a lot of other, less obvious analytics you didn't consent to give?

You'll just have to meet your colleagues the old fashioned way: by introducing yourself and developing a repuation in the community.

Hang out in the forums and on Discord and soon enough, you'll know a guy for every ocassion.

"The More You Know" isn't just a PSA with a shooting star. It's very often the difference between success and arrest.

The Take! Wiki has all the information you'll need, from crewmate histories, weapon statistics, and job details. A decent start has been made on it, and it will be a community effort. Everyone who helps keep this information up to date will be directly helping their fellow crewmates succeed.

You ever have a crewmate join a job late in the game, and the sheer volume of background information you have to impart to this guy is so great and scattered that you get overwhelmed trying to catch him up?

The Take! Library compiles all the backstory for The Take! in a tidy, chronologically organized reference book. Combined with the wiki, the library will make getting new crewmates up to speed fast and easy.

Art by Ray Fonseca (twitter, instagram).

You can get pretty far by knocking off liquor stores and gas stations, but if you want to pull a big job, sometimes you need a bankroll, a Reuben Tishkoff, someone who understands the value of investment.

If you'd like to be such a person, the kind of high roller who fronts the money so the crew can pull the job, The Take! Patreon is an opportunity to do so.